Animal Support

Animal Support

Why Michael Omidi Co-Founded Animal Support

Anyone who has ever had a beloved pet cannot help but feel tremendous sadness and even disgust at the abuse and neglect of animals. My brother, Julian Omidi and I felt it was our duty to found Animal Support in order to spread awareness about this awful problem, and to provide sponsorship and funding to all of the fantastic organizations dedicated to helping the animal population.
Michael Omidi on Animal Support
Animal abuse comes in many forms. When we think of animal abuse, we tend to think of organized dog fights or cockfights, people who beat their pets or animal processing plants or laboratories that keep animals in appalling conditions. However, did you know that many people simply release unwanted pets on the streets?

“We hope that our efforts to bring awareness to animal abuse can help inspire solutions.”     – Michael Omidi

Dogs and cats were domesticated thousands of years ago in order to provide labor and companionship to humans. The fact that there is an enormous population of abused animals that were engineered to be taken care of and loved is, frankly, shameful. These animals have no place in the natural ecosystem—all of their wild survival instincts have been carefully bred out of them and substituted with traits that are not only useless out in the open (like long torsos, stubby legs and extremely long, tangled fur), but can actually prove extremely harmful. They lack the primal intelligence to survive in nature because they have been bred to behave like sweet and needy puppies all of their lives. Allowing them to multiply and roam free in the city streets and fend for themselves is nothing short of irresponsible.

Even though animal neglect is monstrous in its own right, the harm to the human population is a troubling byproduct. Not only are feral animals dangerous to people because of the possibility of attack, they also carry diseases that can run rampant if left unchecked. Rabies, scabies, lice, fleas and incalculable parasites are carried by stray dogs and cats, and can be transmissible to house pets and humans.

We hope that our efforts to bring awareness to these problems can help inspire solutions. Our sponsorship and support to numerous different organizations will hopefully spread resources around in an effective way. We invite everyone to join us in our efforts to eliminate the mistreatment and neglect of animals both at home and abroad.