Michael Omidi

Michael Omidi – Co-Founder of the Omidi Brothers Charities

Michael Omidi has always been passionate about philanthropy, which is why he has been a part of many missions to developing countries to provide free medical and surgical services to those who cannot otherwise afford it. Michael Omidi has seen first-hand the effect that poverty has on the lives of individuals and families.

Dr. Michael Omidi Co-Founds No More Poverty while Participating in Surgical Missions Across the Globe

While Dr. Omidi continues to participate in charity surgical missions, he feels that he can do more, which is why he founded No More Poverty with his brother Julian. By providing direct support to aid organizations and non-profits that have spent years, and even decades, in their respective areas of assistance Michael Omidi feels that he can not only make a difference in the lives of the impoverished, but also in the state of poverty around the world.


“If these charities manage to provide permanent residence and shelter to one family, if they help one child live a happier and healthier life without having to worry about disease or illness during the prime of their lives, then our charities have made a difference. I hope to share the feeling that making a difference in the lives of children can engage you in with other caring individuals around the world.”

In addition to No More Poverty, Children’s Obesity Fund will assist in stemming the tide of obesity that runs rampant throughout the United States and other developed and developing nations such as Mexico and the United Kingdom. Children’s Obesity Fund will work to provide prevention and education to children and parents on healthy diets and exercise as well as provide assistance to charities already working in this field.